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The Micro calligraphy art of Tzfat

In Tzfat, you can find many art galleries and artists who specialize in the unique style of art called Micro Calligraphy. In this type of art, the paintings are made of, or combine, tiny letters of the Hebrew Aleph –Bet. These are not just letters… the paintings are made of texts from the Bible and from sacred Jewish scriptures, including Kabbalistic texts. You can find paintings made from the words of Song of Songs, Psalms, Proverbs, Ruth, and other books of the Bible. The paintings are very colorful and made to inspire. Among the more famous artists of the Micro Calligraphy in Tzfat you can find Morris Dahan, Leon Azoulay, Moshe Yair, and Moshe Dadon.

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The Micro calligraphy art of Tzfat 


Micro Calligraphy

Leon Gallery

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